Staff Directory

To reach staff at the MRPC, please call (978)345-7376 and enter the extension listed in the table below. Please enter extension 300 for the receptionist.

Email addresses on this site are protected to avoid abuse by spammers.  Replace –AT- with the @ symbol for email. 

    Email Extension
Glenn Eaton Executive Director 310
Linda Parmenter Administrative/HR Director 301
Holly Ford Executive Assistant 308
Planning and Development    
John Hume Planning and Development Director 302
Karen Chapman Principal Planner 320
Noam Goldstein Regional Planner 319
Matthew Leger Regional Planner 304
Molly Belanger Regional Planner 309
Brian Keating Community Development Manager 305
Brad Harris Transportation Director 311
George Snow Principal Transportation Planner 312
Sheri Bean Principal Planner  315
Brian Doherty Principal Planner 316
David Fee Regional Planner 318
George Kahale Transit Director 307
Geographic Information Systems    
Jason Stanton, GISP GIS Director 313
Kayla Kress GIS Technician 317




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