Regional Transportation Plan - 2016 Moving Forward

This is the official site for information on the 2016 Montachusett 
Regional Transportation Plan (RTP).  
The Regional Transportation Plan provides guidance to local and state officials in deciding how to spend federal and state transportation funds as well as outlines the transportation pri­ority needs for the region. The plan is a long range document for the maintenance and improvement for the road, highway, bicycle and pedestrian, bridge, rail, transit, freight and airport systems of the Montachusett Region over the next 25 years. The RTP is a federally mandated document that is developed through studies, discussions with local officials, boards and commis­sions and public comment/outreach.  While the RTP may cover a 25 year period, it is updated every four years so it can be adapted to emerging needs and trends.
The Plan must examine and address all modes of transportation that exist in the region through an inventory of current conditions and then identify various needs and recommendations that can range from specific projects to general goals or policies.  Additionally, in order for projects to be eligible for Federal Aid funds through the Transportation Improvement Program (TIP), they must be reflected within the RTP.
The 2016 RTP was completed and endorsed by the Montachusett MPO on July 30, 2015.
Please feel free to email us with any questions, comments or concerns regarding the RTP by clicking here.
  The 2016 Montachusett Regional Transportation Plan 
  MPO Endorsed July 30, 2015


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