About the MRPC

The Montachusett Regional Planning Commission was created in 1968 by communities, for communities. 1
MRPC has entered its fifth decade of providing technical planning assistance to its 22 member communities.  
Located in greater north central Massachusetts, MRPC’s purpose is to carry out comprehensive planning in the Montachusett Region, an area of approximately 685 square miles that is home to 250,531 individuals (US Census, 2020 Decennial).
Planning, geographic information system (GIS), grant writing and administration, and other services are available, as follows:
  • Comprehensive planning such as land use, zoning bylaw/ordinance amendments, subdivision regulations review and the preparation of All Hazards Mitigation, Capital Improvements, Comprehensive (Master), Economic Development, Open Space and Recreation, and other plans for communities (please contact Karen Chapman, Planning and Development Director);
  • GIS data analyzing, warehousing, and computer mapping (Please contact Jason Stanton, GIS and IT Director); and,
  • Transit and transportation planning services such as road safety, corridor studies, traffic counting and online data (please contact Brad Harris, Transportation Projects Director).
Other municipal services, such as grant writing and administration and procuring for goods and services are also available. Please contact Glenn Eaton, Executive Director.
MRPC was created under the Commonwealth’s the G.L. of MA, c. 40B, ss. 1-8 and is one of thirteen regional planning agencies in Massachusetts.