Mobile & Web Apps

Mobile & Web Apps are designed by the MRPC for two main purposes:
  • Informing the public
  • Improving efficiency in data collection and field work.

Informing the public

Apps are created to allow the public to view data online in any browser and on any device.  These user-friendly apps include the ability to:
  • Access and view data
  • Search for locations
  • Measure distances and areas
  • Print maps

A list of these publically available apps, which do not require any installation, can be found here.

Improving efficiency in data collection and field work

Apps are created to allow users to view, create and edit data on-the fly.  These user-friendly apps make it faster and easier for field and office staff to collaborate and get real time information and include the ability to:
  • Access, view and query data
  • Measure distances and areas
  • Create bookmarks for easy navigation
  • Create and edit data, including the ability to collect GPS data
  • Collect data 'offline' (where internet is not available)
  • Track edits and versions of data
  • Attach pictures and/or videos to data