Regional Traffic Counts

As part of our ongoing work with MassDOT, the MRPC conducts traffic volume counts at various locations throughout the Region.  The tables listing the locations as well as the raw and factored counts taken during the 2005 to 2012 yearly count seasons can be found by clicking on the year link below. 

Counts taken from 2013 to date can be found by visiting the MassDOT Transportation Data Management System website.  Since 2013, all MRPC counts are uploaded to this site. 

For further information on individual counts or to request a possible count, please an send email to the MRPC.

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MassDOT Transportation Data Management System

To obtain online traffic data for locations across the Commonwealth, please vist the Massachusetts Department of Transportation's Data Management System

Traffic Count Request Form

For communities interested in obtaining a traffic volume count at a specific location in their town, please contact Sheri Bean for further information.

Bicycle and Pedestrian Counts

The MRPC owns a Mobile MULTI Pedestrian/Cyclist Counter from Eco Counter.  This device enables the MRPC to collect pedestrian and cyclist data on rail trails, hiking trails and sidewalks.   Data collection with this unit will begin in the spring of 2018.  Any community with a specific trail or location where a count like this would be useful, please contact Sheri Bean at 978-345-7376  x315 or