MRPC Statement Regarding Corona virus and Office Operations

MRPC COVID-19 Implementation Plan

MRPC will comply with the Governor’s directives concerning limiting interaction with clients and the general public. MRPC employees will not be attending public meetings during the State of Emergency. They are allowed to use the phone or an appropriate tele/videoconferencing online service to participate remotely in local and other meetings upon request of our communities and clients.

MRPC will hold its public meetings in order to address critically-important matters. All meetings will be accessible via remote participation means (i.e. tele/videoconferencing).

In advance of future meetings, MRPC staff will issue phone meeting call-in instructions via email to members of the following boards and committees: Commission and its Executive Committee; Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO); Joint Transportation Committee (JTC); Brownfields Working Group; Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) Committee; and, MRPC’s affiliate, the Montachusett Enterprise Center, Inc. (MEC).

The above directives will remain in full force and effect throughout the State of Emergency. Any future changes to these directives will be issued by the Management Team and be posted on this website and via email where appropriate and feasible. However, our clients and the general public should be aware that the office may be closed if it is deemed in the best interest of public safety to do so. In that event, MRPC employees will be accessible via email as they are now.

For further information on what the MRPC is doing in Response to the Corona virus, please see the MRPC & COVID-19 page via this link.