Working Towards the Future - The 2020 RTP

The Montachusett Regional Transportation Plan 2020
RTP Cover
The 2020 Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) Update "Working Towards the Future" was endorsed by the Montachusett Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) on July 17, 2019. 
The RTP serves as a long term blueprint of the region’s transportation system.  The current network is examined and is also envisioned some 25 years into the future.  Within the RTP, various needs have been identified and a framework of projects and priorities have been set across all modes, i.e. highway, transit, bicycle and pedestrian, freight, etc.  The RTP also serves as a basis for any federally financed transportation and transit project, program or study to be conducted in the future years.  
An online Map Journal version of the RTP has also been developed to assist the public.  It can be accessed through the following link:
Downloadable pdf files are available for each chapter of the document as well as the complte report through the following table links.